The Pure Dark


The Pure Dark

The water remembers every face it’s ever held.

Written and directed by Richard Ballon

Performed by Gabriel Vaughan

Camera by Darren Blondin and Peter Marvin

Edited by Peter Marvin

Music by Darren Blondin

Copyright 2010 ballon/marvin productions

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password: puredark01


Benefit of the Sponsor, a play written and directed by Richard Ballon and edited by Peter Marvin, technical director and cinematographer, won 1st prize in the Professional Teleplay Category of the Hometown Video Festival as well as 1st prize in the Professional Dramatic Category of the Northeast Regional Video Festival. It has aired on Amherst Community Television, Greenfield Community Television and UVC-19 of UMASS. The video appeared in the gay film festivals at the University of Massachusetts in 2005 and Cineslam’s International Festival and Spokane Washington’s GLBT Festival in 2009.

Zephyr (1994-2000), is a six-part mini-series, written and directed by Richard Ballon and edited by Peter Marvin, technical director and cinematographer. This six-year project won five placements in Access Television Contests. Three episodes have been placed in finalist positions; two have won first prize. Besides private donations and in-kind services, Zephyr received several grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Richard Ballon’s writing has been performed in NYC at the Estrogenius, Women at Work, Short Stories 5, Emerging Artists’ One Man Standing, and the Left Out Festivals; at Hampden Theater and Studio 204 at the University of Massachusetts, Turner’s Falls’ Shea Theater, Walking the Wire Festival, Iowa City , Inspirato Festival, Toronto, Asphalt Shorts, Kitchener Ontario Dylan Thomas Festival, Chicago and ArtHotel Festival, Montreal. His book: enough of a little, to know the all, was published in 2007 and is available on Amazon.

Dear Edward, produced by Noisytown Pictures is based on a monologue written by Richard Ballon. It was directed by Richard Ballon with Matt Bucy as cinematographer and editor. It played in Bermuda at Pride of the Ocean, and at Cineslam, Vermont’s International GLBT Festival as well as Vermont’s Bear Film Festival. For press photos and trailer see:

Peter Marvin became the Production Manager at ACTV Amherst in 2000. Prior to this he was Media Center Assistant at Amherst College. He accepted the position of General Manager of UVC-TV 19 at the University of Massachusetts in 2004 where he is presently employed. He starred in Darren Blondin’s CAN which played at the Northampton Independent Film Festival in 2003. He was technical director and editor of Dave Modugno’s The Pick-up which won a hometown placement in 1998.

Gabriel Vaughan, actor

Film credits include: Chasing Butterflies (lead) with Ma & Pa Pictures, Master of the Kennel (lead) with Agent 26 Pictures, Dear Edward, (lead) with NoisyTown Pictures, Us Poets (lead) with Blind Mice Films, Zephyr (lead) with BMB Productions and Mona Lisa Smile (dancer credit) with Sony Pictures. Commercial television, print and industrial work includes T-Mobile, Colgate Total, Ruby Tuesdays, PepsiCo, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, World Heart Day, United Bank of Scotland, Global Lead, Phillip Morris and NYSE. Gabriel has a degree in theater from Sarah Lawrence College and has studied with BADA in London.