Film Acting

Amherst Cinema Summer Promotional Membership Commercial (2017)
Actor: Patron
Distant Comfort by Gabriel Ross-Reich (2017)
Actor: Father
Amherst Cinema Promotional Commercial (2016)
Actor: Patron
Lily of the Valley by Ben Farber (2016)
Actor: Husband
Harbored Gardens by Dominic Poropat (2016)
Actor: Frank
Edward Bunton by Nikko Koetsch (2015)
Actor: Edward Bunton
Beyond Hello, a feature film by Juno Orion (2014)
Actor: The Father.
Spooners, A Film by Bryan Horch (2012)*
Actor and Casting: Role of Jeff. Spooners played in festivals across the USA as well as in Barcelona and Cardiff. It has won ten audience favorite awards.
In Dreams: a movie by Jeremy Musher (2012)
Actor: Silas’ father

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